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FCC Environment – the new face of .A.S.A.

FCC Environment – the new face of .A.S.A.

  From March 2015 .A.S.A. starts to introduce the FCC Environment brand to Central and Eastern Europe.  
AWV Mürzverband has awarded .A.S.A. a waste paper collection contract

AWV Mürzverband has awarded .A.S.A. a waste paper collection contract

As part of a new tender, .A.S.A. was awarded a contract for collecting waste paper in 16 newly merged municipalities in Mürzverband. 

FCC Environment CEE Group in FACTS and FIGURES

Over 1.300 trucks and special vehicles

Over 1,300.000 containers and bins

60 collection yards

14 transfer stations

27 sorting plants

12 RDF (alternative fuels treatment) and/or splitting plants

1 mechanical biological treatment plant

22 composting, solidification and biodegradation plants

28 landfills

1 waste-to-energy-plant for household and commercial waste

1 incineration facility for hazardous waste

4,7 mil residents served

4 mil t/a of waste processed

8 countries

84.000 municipal and entrepreneurial clients

Partner of 1.200 municipalities

18 joint-ventures with municipalities

more than 0,5 mil t/a SRM handled

689 GWh/a generated

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Incineration operation