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FCC Textil2Use GmbH

FCC Textil2Use GmbH
Hans-Hruschka-Gasse 9 
2325 Himberg

Tel. +43/316/29 27 91-3138
Fax +43/316/29 27 91-3130


Informationspflicht lt. ECG und Mediengesetz -


The company was established in 1994 and acquired by FCC Austria Abfall Service AG (former .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG) in 1999.

It focuses mainly on the collection of textiles directly sourced from special collection containers. Currently, around 1,100 containers have been installed throughout Austria with the exception of Vorarlberg and Burgenland, which enable the business to handle around 6,500 tonnes of old clothing. The company also brokers directly sourced materials from a variety of collection businesses, waste-management associations and charity organizations. The team in Graz is responsible for marketing the merchandise throughout Europe.

Collection containers

Informationspflicht lt. ECG und Mediengesetz - wko.atThese are sized approximately 1 x 1 x 1.8 metres and are able to hold up to 160 kilograms (1.5 m³) of old textiles. Clothes may be disposed of through a flap which guarantees that no materials may be removed by unauthorized parties. The containers are emptied through the locking door on the front. The containers bear signs indicating the type of materials that are being collected and how they should be wrapped. The hotline number, which is also printed on the containers, means that the site responsible for emptying them may be quickly contacted in the event of overfilling or defects.

You wish to purchase directly sourced collected materials?

The company offers three qualities sourced from the various collecting regions in Austria and guarantees that its materials are not subjected to any type of sorting beforehand. Only immediately apparent waste is removed. We would be happy to submit a quotation suited to your requirements.

Your Contact Partners

Ing. Georg Kraxner
Ing. Georg Kraxner
Manager Textil2Use GmbH

Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 25
A-8055 Graz
Tel: +43 (0) 316 / 292 791-3119
Mobile: +43 (0) 664 / 320 54 26

Manfred Dorner
Manfred Dorner
Sales Manager South-East Europe

Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 25
A-8055 Graz
Tel: +43 (0) 316 / 292 791-3132
Mobile: +43 (0) 664/358 45 67

GPS: 48.08136020; 16.44608800

Cleaning rags - one time digital, please!

Cleaning rags - one time digital, please!

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New Service in Austria: Cleaning of Drainage Systems in Railroad Tunnels

New Service in Austria: Cleaning of Drainage Systems in Railroad Tunnels

FCC Environment CEE (.A.S.A) offers a new service for cleaning drainage systems in railroad tunnels.

Plants and equipment

More than 200 trucks and special vehicles

More than 220.000 collection and transport containers and bins

1 waste-to-energy-plant 

3 sorting plants

3 automatic splitting plants

1 mechanical / biological treatment plant

1 chemical / physical treatment plant

2 treatment plant for residue-derived fuels (RDF)

2 landfill sites

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