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Corporate Responsibility

The very essence of our business predisposes us to respect and support the principles of corporate responsibility in our daily business.

Sustainability – Community Involvement – Resource Efficiency are the cornerstones of our  CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PHILOSOPHY.  


p1020077Responsible management of materials and waste is an important challenge for all of us. During the treatment of the residues of everyday business and human activities, we use specific methods that allow the maximum utilization of these residues and give them a chance for a “second life”. We treat 4 million tons of waste annually and produce about 500 thousand tons of reusable raw materials, therefore reducing virgin material consumption.


bjoern%20mittendorfer_at_nieces_dsc06586We are an integral part of everyday life for people and businesses, doing our best to improve living conditions and create comfortable cities for citizens - cities for a good quality of life. We see the process of increasing people's ecological awareness, especially the younger generations, as a vital part of our mission. For that purpose we have created a system of ecological education which we implement in communities where we provide our services, showing the children how to use resources efficiently and behave in a sustainable way. This program does not only teach the value of recycling, but helps to generate over 3 million kg of recycling material annually, through organised events and competitions.


p1020476Using modern methods and technologies allows us to offer the best possible solutions to our clients and partners, also to optimize our own internal processes and maximize the contribution to resource efficiency. By the systematic capturing of landfill gas and proper thermal treatment of non-recyclable waste in the waste-to-energy plant, we make use of waste's calorific value; over 689 Gigawatts are generated annually.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision support the assertion of our company claim: Service for the Future.

  • Our MISSION:

    We help to create a clean future by improving citizen’s living conditions and quality of life.

  • Our VISION:

    Our goal is to provide the best quality of services and to be considered a leader of citizen services in the erritories in which we operate, now and for the future.

Company values

Our values reflect and demonstrate our approach to business. We follow the principles of our owner, FCC and apply it to our markets.


irie%20At FCC Environment CEE (.A.S.A.) integrity is a requirement on both a personal and professional level. It means fulfilling our commitments and respecting the people with whom we interact, conducting ourselves in an honest, upright and transparent manner, every day, in everything we do and in every country where we operate. It is a holistic vision of business which goes beyond an organization’s economic legitimacy and takes responsibility for building a more balanced, prosperous society.


Respect has great significance in everyday life at our company. We respect our customers and employees, throughout society and the communities in which we operate, we must also respect nature and the environment – these most important things in life that deserve to be respected. Respect is a timeless value which has helped to build society and culture, we believe this is the correct way to act and to represent the company. We trust that with respect, side by side, grows prosperity; ours and yours. Respect is is also tightly connected with PROXIMITY. We are a citizen services company that is close to the societies where we operate. This requires that we respect the expectations of the people in those communities, while also offering them solutions for the common good.


To be inventive means, for us; a powerful, positive belief that we can and we want to be a modern waste management partner. Our environment requires improving technologies, resources and a way of thinking which will provide high-quality services for a green future.


Efficiency is part of our history and is one of the factors behind our success. For all FCC Environment CEE (.A.S.A.) people, efficiency means austerity, and minimising resource consumption, while taking the maximum advantage of resources in the course of our activities and in achieving our goals. At FCC Environment CEE, efficiency is an economic, environmental and social value. And last but not least; being effective means DOING RIGHT THINGS RIGHT...

Ecological education

smietkoMr. Popela, Smietko, Čistunko and ASA Ludek are friends. They are Czech, Slovak, Serbian and Polish. Although they don't necessarily speak the same languages, they understand each other very well and they also understand all of the environmental issues at hand. They can be considered as environmental experts in the countries they represent. From time to time they may have different approaches, but with the same task and background; keeping the environment safe for the future.

This bunch of good guys have answers to all of your questions about waste and environmental behaviour and they are always ready to help you with some useful advice. They aren't only experts in their field, but fun and positive members of our team.

You can check who they are and what they can help you with here: deti%20drzi%20vlajku%20asa_web

Enjoy our world with a special coloring page

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What about our history? The site gives us all the answers.

What about our history? The site gives us all the answers.

On May 4th 2018, FCC Environment CEE is launching a new microsite ( focussing on the milestones of our history. The new microsite maps the successful 30...
FCC Environment CEE Results 2017: Fit like never before

FCC Environment CEE Results 2017: Fit like never before

Celebrating 30 years in the market, FCC Environment CEE is getting fitter and fitter every year. The results of 2017 have beaten the previous period with external sales...

FCC Environment CEE Group in FACTS and FIGURES

Over 1.250 trucks and special vehicles

Over 1,300.000 containers and bins

95 collection yards

18 transfer stations

28 sorting plants

13 RDF (alternative fuels treatment) and/or splitting plants

4 mechanical biological treatment plants

21 composting, solidification and biodegradation plants

27 landfills

1 waste-to-energy-plant for household and commercial waste

1 incineration facility for hazardous waste

4,6 mil residents served

4 mil t/a of waste processed

8 countries

50.200 industrial clients

Partner of 1.315 municipalities

21 joint-ventures with municipalities

more than 0,57mil t/a SRM handled

200 GWh/a generated by W2E plants and landfills cogeneration units

4.120 km of streets cleaned

640 hectares of green areas maintained 

Did you know?

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