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International team of experts
Our team of more than 4.300 employees in 8 countries of CEE signs responsible for the smooth operation of all our services.
Waste as a resource
Thanks to modern waste treatment solutions we give 500.000 tons of secondary raw materials a second life annually.
Just in time
Nearly 1.3 million containers, skips and bins of all sizes and 1.300 trucks or special vehicles ensure secure and efficient collection and transport of all waste for further treatment.
Experienced service provider
8 countries, 1.200 municipalities and 4,7 mil residents served, 20 joint-ventures with municipalities, 84.000 business clients. This is our brief profile.

Welcome to FCC – the leading waste management company in Poland

The FCC Environment CEE (formerly .A.S.A. Group) was established in 1988. Gradually the company extended its activity – since 1992 the company has been present in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. In the middle of 2000 the FCC Company entered the Polish market.

FCC in Poland mainly provides complex waste management services i.e. collects and removes municipal, hazardous and industrial waste.

A.S.A. Eko Polska changed its name into FCC Polska

A.S.A. Eko Polska changed its name into FCC Polska

On 21 November 2017, by decision of the District Court in Gliwice, the company’s name was changed from A.S.A. Eko Polska Sp. z o.o. to FCC Polska Sp. z o.o.
FCC na targach POL-ECO System

FCC na targach POL-ECO System

From 17 to 19 October, the International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM 2017 was held in Poznań (Poland).

Plants and equipment

150 special and carrying vehicles

130.000 dust bins

more than 1100 big volume containers

2 mechanical – biological treatment plants

landfill for hazardous waste

landfill for non-hazardous and industrial waste

installation for disposal of liquid hazardous waste and industrial sewage

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