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.A.S.A. in Zabrze - headquarters details
Małopolskie Province
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Podkarpackie Province
.A.S.A. in Tarnobrzeg details
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Łódzkie Province
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.A.S.A. Zduńska Wola

.A.S.A. sponsored teaching materials

.A.S.A. sponsored teaching materials

In spite of holidays, company .A.S.A. in Tarnobrzeg decided to organize teaching material s for the youngest. According to this company founded teaching materials for...
.A.S.A. takes part in organization of ecological picnic

.A.S.A. takes part in organization of ecological picnic

.A.S.A. Group with Recycling Organization Rekopol was invited by Shopping Center Auchan in Sosnowiec to organize „ecological picnic" which took place on 19 – 21of June...

Plants and equipment

150 special and carrying vehicles

130.000 dust bins

more than 1100 big volume containers

2 mechanical – biological treatment plants

landfill for hazardous waste

landfill for non-hazardous and industrial waste

installation for disposal of liquid hazardous waste and industrial sewage

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