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.A.S.A. Kikinda d.o.o.

.A.S.A. Kikinda d.o.o.
Vojvode Putnika 1 
23300 Kikinda

Tel. +381 (0) 230 400 250
Fax +381 (0) 230 427 430

Opening times

Mondays to Friday – 08.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.

.A.S.A. Kikinda d.o.o.

This branch operates in Kikinda town and surrounding villages and provides collection of municipal waste services.

Since the high interest of the local residents and a serious concern of .A.S.A. Kikinda company in the surrounding environment it constructed and opened a high technology treatment facility for safe landfilling of communal waste and has plan to built waste sorting plant with a modern pressing system.

Your Contact Partners

Marko Kostić
Regional sales manager - north

Tel: +381 60 81 71 012

Gojkan Stojinović
Regional operational manager - north

Tel: +381 60 81 71 025

GPS: 45.83155300; 20.46282500

Science excursion for the best students

Science excursion for the best students

Visit to the landfill in Lapovo was conducted on June 21
Company .A.S.A. took part in the Belgrade Marathon

Company .A.S.A. took part in the Belgrade Marathon

If you have a little Know Someone has nothing! At least part of that little Give To the children from the Shelter.


22 collection trucks

8 special vehicles

192 large-volume containers

32.447 bins and containers

2 landfills of non‘hazardous waste

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Incineration operation
.A.S.A. Collection Yard
.A.S.A. Sorting Plant