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“Local Tradition second hand” for a good purpose


  • .A.S.A. Abfall Service donates nearly new second hand traditional folk costumes to the Viennese Caritas “carla” shops
  • Revenues from traditional folk-costumes sales for a good purpose

.A.S.A. Dress

Vienna, 7th October 2015. „O´zapft is“ – similar to Germany, currently you can also find Austria wide friends of the “Oktober-fest” at various “Wies’n” and in beer tents for social drinks.
Anyone, who wants to appear in proper style, needs a proper traditional folk costume. But, not everyone owns such. For those who quickly need a “Dirndl”, “Lederhose & Co” and that at acceptable prices, the carla stores of Caritas in Vienna currently provide remedy.

From October 7th, high class second hand traditional folk costumes can be found at the carla-Shops at reasonable prices. The traditional folk costume goods have been collected from .A.S.A. within Austria and have been sorted and assembled according to the strict “.A.S.A. Dress Premium Qualitiy” standards. Premium-second-hand folk costumes are available in the
Viennese “carla”-shops in the 5th and 21st Vienna districts as
long as stocks last. Besides the classical “Dirndl” and “Lederhose” you can choose between folk costume accessories, folk costume bags, folk costume shoes as well as other proper clothing. Elisabeth Mimra, head of Caritas-carla-shops in Vienna says:
„The revenues from the traditional folk costume sales are
exclusively going to charitable projects. We are glad, that together
with .A.S.A. Abfall Service we are able to provide a special seasonal
offer with high class traditional folk costume goods this year.”

.A.S.A. Dress – high class textile second hand products

.A.S.A. Dress

„We are happy to support a good purpose with our second
hand folk costumes. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive, new “Dirndl” – we often find nearly new clothing goods with
top quality within our collected goods,” says Dr. Bertram Laub from .A.S.A. Abfall Service. .A.S.A. Dress is an European wide protected quality brand for high class textile second Hand products. .A.S.A. Dress Premium Quality in particular stands for fashionably nearly new, partly unworn brand clothing, shoes and accessories such as belts, bags and scarves. Contrary to most chases in the second hand area, after the control and sorting process, the .A.S.A. Dress Premium clothing is cleaned professionally and ironed by hand, straightened and smells fresh.

carla – the second hand shops of Caritas

.A.S.A. Dress„carlas“ are the second hand shops of Caritas (
In the three Viennese carla-shops you can quarry for nice
second hand products of all sorts as you wish. Searchers find
there from clothing, furnishing objects and antiques to cars
(almost) anything. Each purchase and each donation supports Caritas charitable projects, such as the free clothing distribution
for women and men that are in emergency situations.

Some of the „carlas“ offer long time unemployed men and
women a temporary work place, qualification and support with
the re-entry into the new job. The three Viennese shops are
located at Mittersteig 10, 1050 Vienna, in the North of Vienna
in Floridsdorf, Steinheilgasse 3, 1210 Vienna (open from Mo-Fr 09.00-18.00 and Sa 09.00-13.00) as well as in the former Anker
bread factory in 1100 Vienna.

About Caritas

The Caritas helps in 1600 towns Austria wide people that are in emergency situations, such as poverty, illness, disability or in need for care, regardless of gender, origin or religious affiliation. Besides the full time employees, the Caritas is supported by about 40.000 volunteers.

About .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG

The .A.S.A. Group (FCC Environment) with headquarter in Himberg near Vienna is the largest waste management company and a significant supplier for secondary raw materials in CEE. The company has more than 4.600 employees in 8 countries.


Press contact:
.A.S.A. Abfall Service AG
Dipl.-Ing. Tanja Tomasin
Tel.: +43 2235 855-2252

Picture: Elisabeth Mimra, DSA (Head of Caritas-carla Shops Vienna), Dipl.-Ing. Tanja Tomasin (.A.S.A. Abfall Service AG)
Copyright: .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG


10th anniversary WtE-Plant Zistersdorf - Full power ahead

10th anniversary WtE-Plant Zistersdorf - Full power ahead

In March the WtE-Plant of FCC Zistersdorf celebrates its 10th anniversary.
FCC Austria takes care of cleanliness along A2 highway

FCC Austria takes care of cleanliness along A2 highway

FCC Austria takes care of the waste and cleanliness for almost all service stations along the A2 highway.
New Service in Austria: Cleaning of Drainage Systems in Railroad Tunnels

New Service in Austria: Cleaning of Drainage Systems in Railroad Tunnels

FCC Environment CEE (.A.S.A) offers a new service for cleaning drainage systems in railroad tunnels.
Resources for art: .A.S.A. Dress supports Billi Thanner‘s exhibition „Der Faden zieht sich durch“

Resources for art: .A.S.A. Dress supports Billi Thanner‘s exhibition „Der Faden zieht sich durch“

FCC Environment CEE supports the current exhibition of the Austrian artist Billi Thanner with .A.S.A. Dress second...
„Well dressed“ doesn’t have to be expensive: .A.S.A. Dress creates greater value with Volkshilfe SÖB

„Well dressed“ doesn’t have to be expensive: .A.S.A. Dress creates greater value with Volkshilfe SÖB

FCC Environment CEE delivers „.A.S.A. Dress" to Volkshilfe added-value-shop with its high class, affordable second...
“Local Tradition second hand” for a good purpose

“Local Tradition second hand” for a good purpose

.A.S.A. Abfall Service donates nearly new second hand traditional folk costumes to the Viennese Caritas "carla" shops.

Why with us

  • All for one:

    We provide broad general waste solutions for the municipal, industrial, commercial and retail sectors as well as for domestic households.

  • Service for the Future:

    The long-term business relationships are founded on mutual trust and cooperation, loyalty and reliability, transparency and quality. We feel obliged to our customers and the environment – economy and ecology are therefore one and the same.

  • Professional and trustworthy:

    Due to our long-termexperience in the section waste-management, we can provide a straightforward, trustworthy, professional and environmentally friendly waste-management.

  • Modern plants and equipment:

    A modern waste-to-energy-plant, 3 sorting plants, 2 landfill sites, more than 200 trucks and special vehicles and more than 220.000 collection-/transport-containers and bins guarantee a professional waste-disposal and waste-treatment.

Plants and equipment

More than 200 trucks/special vehicles

More than 220.000 collection/transport containers

1 waste-to-energy-plant 

3 sorting plants

3 automatic splitting plants

1 mechanical / biological treatment plant

1 chemical / physical treatment plant

2 treatment plant for residue-derived fuels (RDF)

2 landfill sites

Did you know?
Over 1.250 trucks and special vehicles
Did you know?
Over 1,300.000 Containers and bins
Did you know?
Over 92 collection yards
Did you know?
17 transfer stations
Did you know?
28 sorting plants
Did you know?
12 RDF (alternative fuels treatment) and/or splitting plants
Did you know?
3 mechanical biological treatment plants
Did you know?
19 composting, solidification and biodegradation plants
Did you know?
28 landfills
Did you know?
1 waste-to-energy-plant for household and commercial waste
Did you know?
5,1 mil residents served
Did you know?
more than 576.000 t/a SRM handled
Did you know?
200 GWh/a by our W2E plants and cogeneration units
Did you know?
4.443 km streets cleaned
Did you know?
2.000 ha green areas maintained
Did you know?
more than 36.500 industrial clients served