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History – Continuous growth


  • Group sales reached 466.8 M€ - an all-time high in the company's history.
  • In September 2020, FCC Environment CEE sold its activities in Bulgaria. 


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  • Celebrating 30th anniversary and introducing new microsite www.fcc30.eu 
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  • Change in business names of companies in Austria, Bulgaria, further companies in Serbia and first companies in Poland. 


  • Change in business names of companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and first companies in Serbia
  • An online tool to continuously monitor the movement of winter maintenance technology in Bratislava introduced
  • The year 2016 brought the highest ever achieved sales and net income in the Group history. The Group sales reached almost 386 M€ and grew by more than 3% compared to previous year.


  • fcc%20env%20horiz%20-%20full%20colourStarting rebranding process from .A.S.A. to FCC Environment CEE
  • The group has generated sales of 373,9 Mil €, with a 20,5 Mil € or 6% improvement on the previous year´s sales. The net income was the best in the Group´s history.
  • Introducing new services in Serbia – maintenance of green areas


  • Appointment of the new CEO, Mr. Björn Mittendorfer


  • Restructuring measures in .A.S.A. Group for a competitive market positionasa25yearsen%20final
  •  25th anniversary and presence on the CEE market


  • 20th company anniversary in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Start of textile collection in Czech Republic and Slovakia


  • .A.S.A. continues in its growth despite the crisis. Almost 4.500 employees contributed to the revenues of 377M. .A.S.A. CZ contributes 44% of turnover and surpassed last year’s performance by 10%. 40% growth rates in Bulgaria and Serbia are particularly encouraging.
  • .A.S.A. Graz receives the ÖKOPROFIT Award.


  • New historical high as revenues increased by 14% to 356M€ and targets are exceeded by 10%.
  • Third time in three years .A.S.A. is awarded with the title “Business Superbrand” in Hungary.
  • First Place Award for activities in the field of waste management and the Trophy of Excellence for presence in the first three places at the top over the past five years for .A.S.A. in Romania.


  • Best turnover development in history with revenues increased by 2% from 308 to 313M€, thereof 212 M€ from international activities
  • Opening of the first .A.S.A. incinerator in Zistersdorf (A) on 14.05.
  • Appointment of a new CEO; Mr Petr Vokřál, as of 1.11.
  • Renaming of .A.S.A. Scheele EOOD to .A.S.A. Bulgaria EOOD


  • Closing of an M&A project in Bulgaria for acquiring of 100% of “Scheele Bulgaria EOOD”, one of the biggest waste management companies in Bulgaria in June
  • 20th company anniversary
  • Continuous solid growth with revenues increased by 12% from 275 to 308 M€ whereof 211M€ are generated by international activities


  • Turnover develops by organic growth to 275M€, representing 22% growth
  • Start of construction works at the incinerator in Zistersdorf (A)
  • Business development succeeds in Lithuania and Serbia and results in foundation of first subsidiaries


  • Decision to erect the first .A.S.A. waste-to-energy-plant in Zistersdorf (A)
  • Acquiring of a company in Zarbze pushes market penetration in Poland
  • Group revenues increases to 226M€ by organic growth and acquisitions


  • fcc_citizen%20services_verticalOpening of the first alternative-fuel plant in Gyál (HU)
  • FCC (FOMENTO DE CONSTRUCCIONES Y CONTRATAS, S.A.), a stock-exchange listed construction and service group from Spain became sole shareholder of .A.S.A.
  • .A.S.A. continues to grow by 13% and increases its results in spite of the M&A process


  • New production facilities in Halbenrain, Himberg and Tainach (A)
  • Start of rail transport for services in Himberg (A)
  • Extension of production capacities of the RDF (alternative fuel) plants in Brno and Prague (CZ)
  • Take-over of waste business activities from Lobbe, Wölger and Peinhopf in Austria
  • .A.S.A. Austria generates largest sales increase in history


  • Opening of the first mechanical-biological treatment plant in Halbenrain (A)
  • Start of operation of the first modern landfill in Arad (RO)


  • Opening of the location in Brno, southern Moravia 


  • Initial activities in southern Poland (Kraków)
  • Opening of the HQ in Himberg (A)


  • Construction of the large location site in Brno (CZ)
  • More than 1.000 employees inat .A.S.A. International


  • Market leader for hazardous waste handling in Austria through 50% share in the company Killer
  • Preparation of market entry in former Yugoslavia


  •  Market leader in Czech Republic and Slovakia


  • .A.S.A. is awarded with a major contamination clean-up project of a landfill site: “Kiener Deponie” (A)
  • Successful conclusion of the restructuring measures in Austria and continuous strong expansion into Eastern Europe


  •  First time employing more than 1.000 employees


  • Overcapacities and collapsing prices on the Austrian waste market forced .A.S.A. to implement restructuring measures
  • The first .A.S.A. owned landfill site in Slovakia


  • Successful market development resulting in more than ten operational subsidiaries in Eastern Europe


  •  EDF (Eléctricité de France) is new shareholder of .A.S.A.


  • First subsidiary in Slovakia
  • Large-scale sorting plant put into operation in Asten near Linz (A)


  • Renaming of the company to .A.S.A. (Abfall Service Austria)asa%20logo_200px_sirka_transparent
  • Initial business activities in Brno (CZ) and Debrecen (HU)


  •  Market expansion into eastern Austria


  • Established by ÖIAG (Austrian industry-holding stock corporation) as SEH (Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Holding)
  • First acquisition of the Schöffel Group with Halbenrain landfill and an engineering company in November 1988
FCC Czech Republic develops methods for the use of sewage sludge for forest and agricultural applications

FCC Czech Republic develops methods for the use of sewage sludge for forest and agricultural applications

Considering the frequent recurring and intensified periods of drought, and the associated declining groundwater supply,...
2020: The year we stood up to difficult challenges with honour

2020: The year we stood up to difficult challenges with honour

Group sales reached 466.8 M€ - an all-time high in the company's history. The same applies for EBITDA and EBIT.
The future started 120 years ago. Learn about the history of FCC.

The future started 120 years ago. Learn about the history of FCC.

To mark this anniversary, FCC prepared a book that points out the milestones throughout its history, always beside the...
Vylož Smeti: an app that thinks of your trash for you!

Vylož Smeti: an app that thinks of your trash for you!

Paper schedules for the collection of waste in municipalities in Slovakia will soon be a thing of the past. Residents...
FCC Mountain Clean Up 2020 at the Zauberberg Semmering resort

FCC Mountain Clean Up 2020 at the Zauberberg Semmering resort

Due to the stricter corona regulation in the Lower Austrian district of Neunkirchen, the FCC Mountain Clean Up 2020...
FCC Environment CEE sells its activities in Bulgaria

FCC Environment CEE sells its activities in Bulgaria

On September 8th, 2020, FCC Environment CEE closed the sales process of all activities in Bulgaria to a local waste...

Why with us

  • International team of experts

    Our team of more than 4,000 employees in 7 countries of CEE signs responsible for the smooth operation of all our services.

  • Waste as a resource

    Thanks to modern waste treatment solutions we give 540,000 tons of secondary raw materials a second life annually.

  • Just in time

    Nearly 1.25 million containers, skips and bins of all sizes and  1,300 trucks or special vehicles ensure secure and efficient collection and transport of all waste for further treatment.

  • Experienced service provider

    7 countries, 1,350 municipalities and 4.2 mil residents served, 21 joint-ventures with municipalities, 54,000 industrial clients. This is our brief profile.

FCC Environment CEE Group in figures

1,300 trucks and special vehicles

Over 1,250,000 containers and bins

75 collection yards

38 transfer stations

32 sorting plants

8 RDF (alternative fuels treatment)

6 splitting plants

14 mechanical biological treatment plants and/or composting

21 landfills

1 waste-to-energy-plant for household and commercial waste

1 incineration facility for hazardous waste

4.3 mil residents served

5.1 mil t/a of waste processed

7 countries

almost 51,600 industrial clients

Partner of 1,392 municipalities

21 joint-ventures with municipalities

more than 0.54 mil t/a SRM handled

200 GWh/a generated by W2E plants and landfills cogeneration units

5,875 km of streets cleaned

630 hectares of green areas maintained 

Did you know?
FCC CEE Group has more than 10 years of experience in used clothes business
Did you know?
300 to 400 kg of compost can be produced from 1 tonne of biodegradable waste
Did you know?
Metals and glass are 100% recyclable
Did you know?
In Europe, up to 90% of the green glass bottle is made of recycled glass
Did you know?
More than 0,7 litres of base lube oil can be produced from 1,0 litre of used mineral oil and is being used for engine, transmission and hydraulic oils
Did you know?
With the energy needed for productions of 1 drink can from bauxite, it is possible to produce 20 cans from recycled aluminium
Did you know?
Recycling of 1 tonne of steel saves 1.100 kilograms of coal, and 55 kilograms of limestone
Did you know?
Used paper can be recycled and used in fresh paper production up to 6 times
Did you know?
Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves more than 2 tonnes of wood
Did you know?
1 tonne of refuse-derived fuel produced by FCC CEE Group 600 kilograms of heating oil or more than 800 kilograms of stone coal
Did you know?
Recycling of plastics saves limited virgin raw materials (crude oil and natural gas) and reduces energy consumption by 80 to 90%