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FCC Environment CEE - your international partner for modern waste management & citizen services

As an integral part of one of the largest environmental services companies in the world, operating globally for over 100 years, FCC Environment CEE is permanently present in 8 Central and South-Eastern European countries. However, we offer a range of services to communities in other countries throughout the region on a project basis. Croatia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia or Montenegro belong to only few examples of the countries where we helped to develop sustainable waste management concepts.

We aim to be the partner of choice, utilizing our vast experience in waste management and citizen services, and leaning on the expertize of dedicated employees in CEE. Our focus is on cooperation with the municipalities, where we provide a wide spectrum of services from collection, recycling, treatment and disposal of waste, as well as energy recovery. And we also provide comprehensive services for business/industrial waste management.

Our goal is very clearly to build a sustainable, technically sound and financially feasible concept for keeping the communities clean, increase the recycling rate and transform waste into energy, as appropriate. And our focus on building long term partnerships supports us in entering into joint venture agreements with local partners.

Let´s develop your waste management project together!

FCC Environment CEE waste collection in Krakow, PolandOur commitment to Central and Eastern Europe has been proven over many years, through significant investments, more than 4,300 jobs created and through dozens of successful long-term partnerships. We intend to continue dynamically developing our activities in the region in the coming years. As we are always on the lookout for exciting new developments, you can expect to hear from us in your country soon. And if you have a specific project in mind, we would be happy to hear from you. As the global leader in environmental services, we intend to live up to the highest expectations.

From the first idea to sustainable waste management concept

Engineering | FCC Environment CEEWe can partner with you and guide you through the development and implementation of the sustainable waste management concept. What we offer:

  • Strategic and project consulting, from initial concept to operations stage
  • Preparation of feasibility and other (market) studies
  • Engineering
  • Plant management
  • Educational and awareness campaigns
  • Simply put, the entire range of waste management solutions

Why work with us?

  • World wide experience and reach: Owned by the Spanish group of companies FCC, we have a work force of more than 4,300 experts in 8 European countries. We are a part of global group with more than 50,000 employees in 25 countries worldwide, based on an open and future-focused culture and corporate values. Long-time experience, modern equipment and facilities completed with cutting edge technology make us a reliable partner for you.
  • Reliable partnership: Since 1988 a great number of municipalities have chosen FCC Environment CEE (formerly .A.S.A.) as their competent partner, entrusting us with the management of waste disposal in accordance with EU standards. With our know-how and commitment, there are now dozens of success stories in waste management privatizations in CEE.
  • Waste to Energy Plant Zistersdorf (Austria), FCC Environment CEESafe and sustainable solutions: In everything we do in CEE, we adhere to EU regulations as a minimum. In most of our projects, we surpass even the strictest regulations by a significant margin. We aim to lower the impact that waste has on the environment and ensure that the future generations find the environment in better shape than we have.
  • Commitment to the society: We support community outreach programs, educational and community involvement campaigns. Most of our facilities are open to the public.
  • Creating new opportunities: Aside from employing a large workforce of people with high job satisfaction and providing stability to their families, we stay abreast of the technology developments in the field. Every day we work hard on improving our services and try to come up with even better ways to manage waste.

There is nothing we can’t do in the field of waste management. We would love to help you make the best decisions for your community or business, so please get in touch and let’s make tomorrow better than yesterday.


Sabine Kitz, FCCSabine Kitz

Hans-Hruschka-Gasse 9

2325 Himberg, Austria 


Distinguished visit to the FCC W2E plant in Zistersdorf

Distinguished visit to the FCC W2E plant in Zistersdorf

Seeing up close, and "touching", so to speak, waste treatment technologies is always a great experience. One of the...
Moje smeti - electronic registration of waste bins newly in Trnava, Slovakia

Moje smeti - electronic registration of waste bins newly in Trnava, Slovakia

FCC Trnava, s.r.o. and the City of Trnava present a new online service for automatic monitoring of waste container...
FCC Austria is expanding its activities to the West Tyrol region

FCC Austria is expanding its activities to the West Tyrol region

FCC Austria Abfall Service AG has succeeded in the tender for ABV Westtyrol and will begin providing the transportation...
Today we opened the Back2Life Re-use centre in Trnava

Today we opened the Back2Life Re-use centre in Trnava

The FCC Group in Slovakia, in cooperation with the City of Trnava, today opened the gates of the new Back2Life Re-use...
1.428 trees planted through purchase of workwear

1.428 trees planted through purchase of workwear

FCC Austria makes a valuable environmental contribution.
Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Madrid in FCC outfit

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs in Madrid in FCC outfit

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó, recently reported on Facebook of his visit to the Santiago...

Why with us

  • International team of experts

    Our team of more than 4.300 employees in 8 countries of CEE signs responsible for the smooth operation of all our services.

  • Waste as a resource

    Thanks to modern waste treatment solutions we give 570.000 tons of secondary raw materials a second life annually.

  • Just in time

    Nearly 1,3 million containers, skips and bins of all sizes and more than 1.250 trucks or special vehicles ensure secure and efficient collection and transport of all waste for further treatment.

  • Experienced service provider

    8 countries, 1.315 municipalities and 4,6 mil residents served, 21 joint-ventures with municipalities, 50.200 industrial clients. This is our brief profile.


More than 550 transport and special vehicles

More than 2000 collection and transport containers

12 landfill sites

4 biodegradatings sites / contamination clean-up plants

3 composting plants

2 solidification plants

2 treatment plant for residue-derived fuels (RDF)

7 sorting lines

3 transfer stations

Did you know?
FCC CEE Group has more than 10 years of experience in used clothes business
Did you know?
300 to 400 kg of compost can be produced from 1 tonne of biodegradable waste
Did you know?
Metals and glass are 100% recyclable
Did you know?
In Europe, up to 90% of the green glass bottle is made of recycled glass
Did you know?
More than 0,7 litres of base lube oil can be produced from 1,0 litre of used mineral oil and is being used for engine, transmission and hydraulic oils
Did you know?
With the energy needed for productions of 1 drink can from bauxite, it is possible to produce 20 cans from recycled aluminium
Did you know?
Recycling of 1 tonne of steel saves 1.100 kilograms of coal, and 55 kilograms of limestone
Did you know?
Used paper can be recycled and used in fresh paper production up to 6 times
Did you know?
Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves more than 2 tonnes of wood
Did you know?
1 tonne of refuse-derived fuel produced by FCC CEE Group 600 kilograms of heating oil or more than 800 kilograms of stone coal
Did you know?
Recycling of plastics saves limited virgin raw materials (crude oil and natural gas) and reduces energy consumption by 80 to 90%