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FCC Environment România S.R.L., Headquarters in Arad

FCC Environment in Romania has the headquarters in the city of Arad.

On our ecological landfill are disposed an approximate number of 130.000 tones annualy. The infrastructure, such as a waste recycling hall, 2 weight bridges, a car washer and a fuel station are built within the company together with therequired manipulation areas.











  • 19 hooktrucks, 2 minipress-trucks, 9 press- trucks, 2 sumptrucks and 1 mobile sumptruck, 15 trailers for collecting;
  • 2 compacting equipments and 3 multifunctional excavator for the ecological landfil;
  • 4 forklifts, 3 semi-automatic presses for recyclable materials;
  • 1 tractor
  • 1 automatic baler packing
  • bins of 120 l, 140 l and 240 l and containers of 1,1; 5; 10; 15; 25; 33 and 40 m3.

Your Contact Partners

Constantin Ristin
Constantin Ristin
Landfill Manager

Mobile: +40 746 522 793

Gheorghe Jeflea
Gheorghe Jeflea
Transport/Logistics Manager

Mobile: +40 746 576 652

FCC Environment România S.R.L.
Centura Nord, OP.8, CP. 147
310580 Arad

Mobile +40 749522792
Tel. +40 357130920
Fax +40 357130921
E-mail: office@fcc-group.ro

Media Contact

Anca Oprea
Mobile: +40 745 522 613       


Opening times for deliveries

Mondays to Fridays – 07.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m
Saturdays – 08.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m.
Sundays – 08.00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

GPS: 46.22935600; 21.34719600

FCC Environment Romania – Sponsor and winner at the Business Environment Awards Gala in Arad

FCC Environment Romania – Sponsor and winner at the Business Environment Awards Gala in Arad

FCC Environment Romania embraced once more the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arad to organize a...
FCC Environment România - partner of Let's Do It Romania campaign!

FCC Environment România - partner of Let's Do It Romania campaign!

As an operator of the Arad County's ecological landfill, but also as a sponsor, FCC Environment has been involved in...
Arad Streetball – 2nd edition of success!

Arad Streetball – 2nd edition of success!

After the success in 2017, Arad Streetball returned this year with its 2nd edition.
FCC Environment România – supports FCC ICIM Arad in the next season: 2018-2019!

FCC Environment România – supports FCC ICIM Arad in the next season: 2018-2019!

Officially, FCC Environment România decided to continue the partnership the women’s basketball team FCC ICIM Arad.
FCC Environment Romania – Sponsor of Arad Cycling Cup!

FCC Environment Romania – Sponsor of Arad Cycling Cup!

Arad Cycling Cup , already a tradition for the people of Arad, found us again as a Sponsor.

Why with us?

  • Leading Company

    We operate the 1st ecological landfill in Romania and we are one of the leading private waste management company in the country. From the beginning, the company was focused in implementing a modern waste management system and it became a pioneer in this field.

  • Quality & Innovation

    The landfill was designed, built and is operating according to the state of art in landfill technology in the European Union.

  • Customer oriented

    Our waste - management is based on our individual client requests and offers advices on all legal and logistic problems. With innovative solutions and our stuff experience, the company develops the optimal concept of municipal, industrial and commercial waste. The entire range of our waste – management services is available as a solution for our clients.

  • Waste as a resource

    Thanks to modern waste treatment we give 570.000 tons of secondary raw materials a second chance to life annually.

FCC Environment Romania in FACTS and FIGURES

1 landfill site

1 sorting line 

3 transfer stations  

1 composting plant

1 cogeneration plant

1 waste treatment plant

Did you know?
FCC CEE Group has more than 10 years of experience in used clothes business
Did you know?
300 to 400 kg of compost can be produced from 1 tonne of biodegradable waste
Did you know?
Metals and glass are 100% recyclable
Did you know?
In Europe, up to 90% of the green glass bottle is made of recycled glass
Did you know?
More than 0,7 litres of base lube oil can be produced from 1,0 litre of used mineral oil and is being used for engine, transmission and hydraulic oils
Did you know?
With the energy needed for productions of 1 drink can from bauxite, it is possible to produce 20 cans from recycled aluminium
Did you know?
Recycling of 1 tonne of steel saves 1.100 kilograms of coal, and 55 kilograms of limestone
Did you know?
Used paper can be recycled and used in fresh paper production up to 6 times
Did you know?
Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves more than 2 tonnes of wood
Did you know?
1 tonne of refuse-derived fuael produced by fcc 600 kilograms of heating oil or more than 800 kilograms of stone coal
Did you know?
Recycling of plastics saves limited virgin raw materials (crude oil and natural gas) and reduces energy consumption by 80 to 90%