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History — Continuous growth


  • Introducing new microsite for 30th anniversary www.fcc30.eu 


  • Change in business names of companies in Austria, Bulgaria, further companies in Serbia and first companies in Poland. 


  • Business name change in the group of companies in Slovakia from .A.S.A. to FCC. As of 1st of October companies in Slovakia are already chenged. Now, we are presented by FCC name and logo. More about the change here.
  • One of our company .A.S.A. Zohor celebrated 20th anniversary. At the celebration met our customers, members from government and management from .A.S.A.


  • Rebranding – changing logo of .A.S.A. to FCC Environment. More about rebranding process, story behind and about group of FCC  here
  • acceptance and operating authorization of solidification technology line 2 in the location Zohor
  • operating authorization of splitting technology in the location Zohor (owned by the city Malacky)


  • Appointment of the new CEO, Mr. Björn Mittendorfer
  • in December 2014 took place acceptance and operating authorization of biodegradation technology in location Zohor


  • .A.S.A. as agroup, operates in 8 countries CEE and is celebrationg 25th anniversary
  • .A.S.A. celebrates 20 years of presence on the Slovak market
  •  New service for our costumers – collection of used clothing 


  • New technology for treatment of hazardous and others waste in Zohor – the solidification line
  • New hall for secondary raw materials in Zohor 
  • Splitting – new technology for municipal waste in Zohor
  • Integrated management system of .A.S.A. group in Slovakia extended by the occupational health and safety protection system in accordance with the standard of OHSAS 18001:2007 
  • .A.S.A. Trnava s.r.o. – joint venture established with the city of Trnava, celebrating its 15th anniversary and also the 10th anniversary of opening the landfill in Zavarská cesta 
  • New cogeneration unit for energy utilization of landfill gases 
  • 15th anniversary of .A.S.A.’s first subsidiary in Slovakia
  • New faciliy for waste disposal (incinerator) in Kysucké Nové Mesto 
  • Establishing .A.S.A. Hlohovec, s.r.o. company
  • Merging .A.S.A. and KOLO s.r.o. companies
  • Trnava operates 7 collection yards
  • Remediation services are now being provided in whole of Slovakia
  • New neutralization station in Žilina 
  • .A.S.A. put up for international sale and acquired by FCC (FOMENTO DE CONSTRUCCIONES Y CONTRATAS, S.A.), a stock-exchange listed construction and service group from Spain Recertification of .A.S.A. companies - ISO 9001:2000 a ISO 14001:2004 certificates 
  • The number of employees working at .A.S.A. in Slovakia exceeds 500 for the first time
  • Establishing of RECOPAP, s.r.o. company with Smurfit Kappa Štúrovo to build salvage paper treatment plants in Bratislava, Trnava, Žilina and Zohor 
  • Taking over of landfill operation in Dolný Bar, district Dunajská Streda (eastern region) 
  • Establishing Technické služby - .A.S.A. s.r.o. company 
  • Purchasing shares and establishing a new company .A.S.A. Marcelová, s.r.o. (southern region) 
  • Market expansion into southern region - waste transfer station in Hurbanovo
  • Purchasing of .A.S.A. EKO s.r.o. (eastern region) 
  • First and the biggest composting plant of its category in Slovakia built in Trnava (western region) 
  • non-hazardous waste landfill in Trnava (western region) 
  • Purchasing of company WASTE CITY spol. s r.o. (southern region) 
  • .A.S.A. sold to EDF (Électricité de France) First .A.S.A.-own landfill site in Slovakia of the 3rd stand-alone purpose grade
  • First landfill assessed in in the legal process of impacts on the surrounding environment (EIA- Environmental Impact Assessment) 
  • Market expansion into middle and east regions - branches in Žilina and Košice
  • Foundation of .A.S.A. Zohor spol. s r.o. company (western region)
  • Waste modern site .A.S.A. Trnava spol. s r.o. (western region)
  • First subsidiary in Slovakia
New semi-underground containers in Trnava

New semi-underground containers in Trnava

Semi-underground containers - already tested in neighbouring countries and a novelty in Slovakia. We are glad to report...
We have expanded our activities in the north of Slovakia

We have expanded our activities in the north of Slovakia

This year in March, FCC Slovensko, s.r.o. has acquired a part of the company providing waste management in the north of...
FCC Slovensko, s.r.o. purchased part of KREDUS, s.r.o.

FCC Slovensko, s.r.o. purchased part of KREDUS, s.r.o.

With effect from 1st of March, 2017 FCC Slovensko, s.r.o. purchased part of the company KREDUS, s.r.o. FCC...
Medzinárodné ocenenia komunikácie projektu Kameňolom srdce

Medzinárodné ocenenia komunikácie projektu Kameňolom srdce

FCC in Slovakia (previously .A.S.A.) organized a complex remediation project of toxic waste substances which were...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

FCC in Slovakia wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!
We are supporting the Christmas bazaar

We are supporting the Christmas bazaar

The FCC appreciate good ideas, great action and charitable spirit. Therefore, we decided this year to support...

Why with us

  • International team of experts

    Our team of more than 4.300 employees in 8 countries of CEE signs responsible for the smooth operation of all our services.

  • Waste as a resource

    Thanks to modern waste treatment solutions we give 570.000 tons of secondary raw materials a second life annually.

  • Just in time

    Nearly 1,3 million containers, skips and bins of all sizes and more than 1.250 trucks or special vehicles ensure secure and efficient collection and transport of all waste for further treatment.

  • Experienced service provider

    8 countries, 1.315 municipalities and 4,6 mil residents served, 21 joint-ventures with municipalities, 50.200 industrial clients. This is our brief profile.

Plants and equipment

More than 290 trucks and special vehicles

More than 2,340 collection and transport containers

1 composting plant

7 secondary raw materials sorting and treatment plants

12 waste collection yards

One biodegradation area

Three landfill sites for non-hazardous waste

One landfill site for hazardous waste

Did you know?
FCC CEE Group has more than 10 years of experience in used clothes business
Did you know?
300 to 400 kg of compost can be produced from 1 tonne of biodegradable waste
Did you know?
Metals and glass are 100% recyclable
Did you know?
In Europe, up to 90% of the green glass bottle is made of recycled glass
Did you know?
More than 0,7 litres of base lube oil can be produced from 1,0 litre of used mineral oil and is being used for engine, transmission and hydraulic oils
Did you know?
With the energy needed for productions of 1 drink can from bauxite, it is possible to produce 20 cans from recycled aluminium
Did you know?
Recycling of 1 tonne of steel saves 1.100 kilograms of coal, and 55 kilograms of limestone
Did you know?
Used paper can be recycled and used in fresh paper production up to 6 times
Did you know?
Recycling 1 tonne of paper saves more than 2 tonnes of wood
Did you know?
1 tonne of refuse-derived fuel produced by FCC CEE Group 600 kilograms of heating oil or more than 800 kilograms of stone coal
Did you know?
Recycling of plastics saves limited virgin raw materials (crude oil and natural gas) and reduces energy consumption by 80 to 90%