Facts and Figures

Basic data

Waste processing and resource recovery are the Group’s core business. Our activities ranges from municipal and citizen services, business waste solutions to environmental services and supports.

We serve all clients in industry, commerce and retails as well as municipalities and households, state organisations and institutions.

As the Group we collect and treat domestic wastes from more than 6 million residents and 4.4 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste from more than 52,300 customers.

In 2023 we achieved consolidated sales of 616 MEUR.

A workforce of almost 4,500 experts is responsible for the smooth running of these operations.

Our plants and equipment

1,300 trucks and special vehicles
71 collection yards
40 transfer stations
34 sorting plants
7 RDF (alternative fuels treatment)
6 splitting plants
14 mechanical biological treatment plants and/or composting
23 landfills
1 waste-to-energy-plant for household and commercial waste
1 incineration facility for hazardous waste
4.3 mil residents served
4.9 mil t/a of waste processed
7 countries
51,400 industrial clients
1,400 municipalities partners
21 joint-ventures with municipalities
0.63 mil t/a SRM handled
200 GWh/a generated by W2E plants and landfills cogeneration units
26,408 km of streets cleaned
401 hectares of green areas maintained

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