Keep track of your waste

Keep TRACK OF YOUR WASTEKeep TRACK OF YOUR WASTE thanks to our online portal for the recording, collection and dumping of containers.

Being able to keep track of waste thanks to our online portal for the recording, collection and dumping of containers, with perhaps the most important advantage being the elimination of the impact of increasing prices for waste disposal on the costs of the municipality, and thus on the level of fees for citizens. At the same time, the system supports the increase of the amount of usable (material and energy) waste components, as well as reducing the amount of waste to be landfilled or disposed of in incinerators.

How it works?

  • We install RFID chips or Bar/QR codes on the bins, containers, bags and collection trucks. Up to date data delivery affords a detailed overview of waste collected, as the total weight of the waste is entered into the system.
  • The data is available at our online portal, where the municipality’s citizens can login to see detailed monitoring of waste production (with a list of registered containers incl. their location, a list of all registered container dumps and partial weights of containers, evaluation reports, etc)

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