Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste, where it goes and what becomes of it all?

  • Or, how an incineration plant works and what it could look like from the inside?
  • How many fractions your waste can be separated into after delivery to a FCC collection yard?
  • What happens later on at the separation line, and what you can see if you peep inside the sorting cabin? Is it all robotic... or are there real people in there?
  • How does a landfill work? Is it really just a hole in the ground, or rather a sophisticated system of layers ensuring the safe storage of waste before its further use?

FCC Environment CEE | Back 2 LifeOur animations can help you to understand how our facilities work. That behind everything that we do is sophisticated technology, and of course the people, who do their best to ensure that the maximum of the waste delivered to our plants doesn’t end up unused in a landfill, but returned back ➔ back 2 life, in the form of other products and energy.

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