.A.S.A. – 25 years of growth

.A.S.A. – 25 years of growth

In November 2013 .A.S.A. will celebrate its 25th anniversary and presence on the CEE market. An anniversary of our growth and stability.


asa25yearsen%20final"We started our activities in Austria in 1988" says Björn Mittendorfer, the CFO of the company. We used the growth opportunities and potential of the CEE market and have expanded over the years to the current 8 countries:  Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.  Since 2006 the company has been a part of the Spanish FCC group.

".A.S.A.’s results have a steadily growing tendency", says Mittendorfer. 2012 yielded the best results ever. The net income which .A.S.A. achieved in the last year overcame the excellent results of 2011 by 3,5%. “Our financial stability is remarkable, as our ratio net debt to EBITDA amounts to 1,7 on a recourse base. This financial stability means that we can always pay our suppliers on time.”

This reliability gives a competitive advantage to .A.S.A., which was noted earlier this year in a study of the waste management market in Austria.

"Reliability and financial stability are the characteristics and values about which we care systematically. We remain faithful to these characteristics", adds Mittendorfer.

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