“Eco Regions Serbia” – .A.S.A. and ADA introduce new ecological awareness project in regions Šumadija and Banat

“Eco Regions Serbia” – .A.S.A. and ADA introduce new ecological awareness project in regions Šumadija and Banat

.A.S.A. Int recently signed a contract on a project with the Austrian Development Agency. The project is called "Eco Regions Serbia".

.A.S.A. INT, together with .A.S.A. Serbia (.A.S.A. EKO d.o.o) and two main external partners, formed a working group for the project “Eco Regions Serbia (Šumadija and Banat)”, focused on regions, where .A.S.A. has its operations/landfills.

Project covers several components as educational measures, training of selected target groups or awareness raising campaigns. “This project enables us to raise ecological awareness through the region in close cooperation with local and national (environmental) ministries and institutions. Thanks to this project we want to introduce new services in the region and improve the living quality of its inhabitants”, means Bojan Marković, the Country Manager for Serbia.

Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in charge of implementing bilateral programs in developing countries. ADA has various financing instruments at its disposal, among others “business partnerships”. “Business partnerships” support Austrian enterprises having long-term investments in transition/developing countries. Austrian company must take active measures to improve local social, ecological or economic environment in respective country.


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