Change in business name of .A.S.A. TS Prostějov

Change in business name of .A.S.A. TS Prostějov

Effective from 1st February 2017, .A.S.A. TS Prostějov, s.r.o. has its business name changed. It will also start presenting itself with a new FCC Environment logo.

Other particulars of the company (address, Id No., Tax Id No.) will remain unchanged.

New logo, same slogan

Effective from the above mentioned date, FCC Prostějov will start presenting itself with the new FCC Environment logo.


What does this change mean?

asa_fcc_waste%20man_full%20body%20shaved%20with%20liftingFrom 1st February 2017 you will see the new name and logo on all our vehicles and facilities, as well as in all materials concerning our firm.

The change of the company’s business name will have no effect on the rights and obligations our company has towards its business partners, or on their rights and obligations towards our company.

FCC and .A.S.A.

FCC has been the owner of .A.S.A. since 2006, and the brand FCC Environment has been representing the Environmental Division, one of the FCC’s three divisions. The objective of the change is to unify the company names and logo on the European market. The FCC management decided to implement this change in order to strengthen the company’s overall awareness in all countries of Europe where it renders services in the environmental area and services to their populations.

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