FCC Environment Romania SRL – Operator of the Tunnel Composting Station in Arad and your Waste Management Partner since 15th years ago!

FCC Environment Romania SRL – Operator of the Tunnel Composting Station in Arad and your Waste Management  Partner since 15th years ago!

FCC Environment Romania marked two important events today.

As an operator, the FCC company, together with representatives of the Arad County Council and the Integrated Waste Management and Intercommunal Development Association in Arad, celebrated the inauguration of the new "Tunnel Composting Station in Arad", from 11:00 a’ clock. Participants at the inauguration had a short demonstration of the operation of the station, as well as details of compost in general.

At the same time, FCC Environment - Your Waste Management Partner, celebrated 15th years of activity in Romania, with a visit on the landfill and a Networking Lunch held at Continental Hotel from 12:30.

At the inauguration of the tunnel composting station, but also at the 15th years anniversary of the company attended Mr. Iustin CIONCA, President of the Arad County Council, Ms. Gabriela CHIRICHEU, Executive Director DPD of the Arad County Council, Mr. István NÉMETH, Regional Manager Romania-Hungary-Serbia - FCC Environment CEE, Mr. Florian POP, General Manager - FCC Environment Romania and Mr. Andrei POPESCU, Project Manager of the "Tunnel Composting Station in Arad". Beside them there were taking part on the 2 events our partners, customers, and suppliers.

"First of all, we want to thank all those who have been with us today, both authorities and our partners and customers. For 15th years, we have been a reliable partner for waste management in Arad County and we want to preserve this tradition. We all understand the importance of recycling and reducing the amount of waste to be stored. That's why the FCC Company wants through its Group and Local experience, to operate this station as efficiently as possible", said Florian POP, General Manager of FCC.

“The presence of the FCC Group in Romania and the inauguration of the Tunnel Composting Station is a form of care for the nature that both our children and our grandchildren will enjoy. As a multinational company, we want to have long-term partnerships and use waste as a resource, not only to gain economic profit, but also as a concern for our future”, said Mr. István NÉMETH, Regional Manager - FCC Environment CEE for Romania-Hungary-Serbia-Bulgaria.

FCC Romania: inauguration of tunnel compost station  FCC Romania: Tunnel composting station - demonstration

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