FCC successfully validated the Drainage Cleaning System from “Assets4Rail” in an Austrian Tunnel

FCC successfully validated the Drainage Cleaning System from “Assets4Rail” in an Austrian Tunnel

FCC Environment CEE has been participating in an EU Project “Assets4Rail” which started in December 2018. Assets4Rail is a 30 months Shift2Rail project which will contribute to the shift to rail by exploring, adapting and testing cutting-edge technologies for railway asset monitoring and maintenance.

Within this project, FCC E CEE developed its special worldwide new technology for the cleaning of drainage pipes further. The new equipment is able to clean (tunnel) drainages including their slots, delivering a video of the tube during the cleaning interval without blocking the traffic.

Important part of the EU project is the validation of the developed system. During this validation test, conducted on 3rd of May in the Pummersdorfer tunnel in Austria (ca. 1 h from Vienna), FCC E CEE proved their system successfully and reached a video-proven cleaning length of fantastic 1,024.5 m.

Assets4Rail shares the Shift2Rail view of having an ageing European railway infrastructure that needs to cope with the expected increased traffic in the future. To achieve this, we need an improvement in technology and a cost-effective maintenance and intervention system for infrastructure inspection and monitoring. FCC E CEE showed with their technology that also in this sector can provide Service for the Future.

Pummersdorfer tunnel | FCC Environment CEE a4r_04_dsc09038 a4r_05_dsc08965 a4r_10_dsc09007

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