Learning through fun

Learning through fun

fcc21Service for the Future is the claim which has been connected with our company for almost 10 years. It describes the very essence of our business; transforming waste into resources, improving living conditions in the cities, as well as eliminating ecological burdens with our remediation projects.

One of the ways that we think about our future is by educating the future generations - our children. Annually we share our knowledge with about 700 schools and kindergartens in 4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Poland). In the Czech Republic in particular, we can be proud of the 15 year history of our country-wide, secondary raw material collection competition. Thanks to this program we collected about 4.300 tons of paper during the last school year. The children and schools are rewarded for this initiative with promotional gifts, art supplies, sport equipment and financial support.

Excursions to our plants are also very popular among the schools and children, with many of the kids who come for a visit longing to be dustmen or women afterwards! In December 2015 the Brno plant welcomed another group of children from a school, who learned how the waste treatment process runs and also how important it is for us all to support the right separation of waste and to protect the environment.

Here you can see how much they enjoyed the visit. Listen to the unique arrangement of the popular Christmas song “Jingle bells…” performed by the children and bins!

fcc04 fcc15

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