New central waste collection center for the district Radkersburg (Styria)

New central waste collection center for the district Radkersburg (Styria)

As the first district of Styria, the Waste Management Association Radkersburg will use one central waste collection center for all of its 19 municipalities in the future.

The new 8,000 square meters collection center was built with an 1.4 million € investment and was already officially opened on 22.09.2012.

dsc_0007The background of this centralization measure is primarily economic considerations. "Until now, each community had its own collection center, many of which no longer meet the standards. Due to this change the communities will save future investments", said Josef Doupona, Chairman of the Waste Management Association Radkersburg.

"By principle, we are nothing more than a supermarket. The big difference is that our customers don’t buy anything but drop something off, "says Wolfgang Haiden. With "something" more than 50 different fractions of waste and recyclables are meant, ranging from bulky waste, waste wood to green waste, old clothes to electronic waste and hazardous substances.

Approximately 23,000 Radkersburger citizens should benefit from this waste collection center –it will be open 5 days a week for 34 hours in total.

The Waste Management Association Radkersburg and .A.S.A. build a long term partnership. The main part of waste and recycables collected in the new waste collection center Ratschendorf will be disposed of by .A.S.A.


v.l.n.r. M. Grubbauer (. A.S.A.), Gf. Wolfgang Haiden and Chairman Josef Doupona (AWV Radkersburg), H. Higgersberger (. A.S.A.) at the opening ceremony of the new waste collection center Ratschendorf.

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