New Service in Austria: Cleaning of Drainage Systems in Railroad Tunnels

New Service in Austria: Cleaning of Drainage Systems in Railroad Tunnels


  • FCC EnvironmentThe Austrian Railroad Company (ÖBB) started a tender for
    the cleaning of drainage sytems in 2 railroad tunnels without blocking the traffic. This kind of service needs a worldwide
    new technology.  

  • FCC Environment CEE (.A.S.A.) succeeded with its offer to clean the Wienerwald tunnel with 11 km length and the shorter Pumersdorf tunnel.

  • The cleaning will be done in 500 m parts with remote control
    FCC Environmentfrom outside the tunnel. The machine cleans the drainage
    tube and a camera shows live recordings.      
  • Meanwhile the train passes our machine with a speed of
    250 up to 300 km/h!

Service tendered:

  • Cleaning the drainage, video of the tube before and after cleaning, disposal of the waste of the tubes
  • Start of service: November 2016



FCC Environment  The Austrian Railroad Company (ÖBB) started the
  tender 2013 and gives all the bidders time for
  researching for a technology to service the
  drainages in tunnels while full operation.
  The tunnels only have to be locked for two hours to
  bring the machine into the tunnel and anchor it.
  This is a big advantage for ÖBB because they don’t
  need to reroute the trains, which is very expensive.  
  FCC Environment CEE (.A.S.A.) will clean these
  tunnels  two times a year and will do this service job
  with 3 employees for 90% in the night hours.

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