Old Waste Containers Recycled into New Ones, Reducing Carbon Footprint

Old Waste Containers Recycled into New Ones, Reducing Carbon Footprint

We, at FCC Environment CEE Group, are aware of our commitment to the future. We know that extraordinary things begin with a series of small gestures. One of the projects with which we want to contribute to a sustainable future and a circular economy is the recycling of old and damaged waste containers.

As part of the cooperation between FCC Prostějov (CZ) and CONTENUTR, damaged and irreparable 1,100 l plastic (HDPE) waste containers and a total weight of 4,470 kg intended for disposal were returned to circulation. The company CONTENUR cleaned them and 100% further processed them to produce new waste containers. Thanks to this, we can boast of reducing our carbon footprint by 5,588 kg.

Contenur is a company operating in the environmental sector. As part of its CIRCLE program (since 2019), it collects discarded waste containers from clients and gives them a "new life" by agreement.

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