Opening new landfill in municipality of Lapovo

Opening new landfill in municipality of Lapovo

Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Mr. Oliver Dulic today on 13 October, officially put into operation a modern landfill in Lapovo.

Done according to requirements for environmental protection and high standards of the EU landfill in Lapovo has sufficient capacity to accept waste for five municipalities of districts Šumadija and Moravlje in the next 25 years and is a unique modern landfill of its kind in the mentioned area.

Opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Serbian government, municipalities Lapovo, eminent experts from environmental and General Manager of .A.S.A. International, Mr. Petr Vokral.

Minister Oliver Dulic said on that occasion that it is very important that open another landfill to the highest European standards in Serbia and that it shows that municipalities understand the importance of building these landfills and added that it was sad that the 7 years after the adoption of strategy for waste management, this is only the second landfill at the European level.

Especially for opening the landfill General Manager of  .A.S.A. International visited Serbia. Mr. Petr Vokral who thanked the senior officials at the trust, said that this is the second landfill, which .A.S.A. International built in Serbia, first opened in Kikinda, and at the same time 23th of the .A.S.A. Group in Europe. ".A.S.A. International Environment Services GmbH is one of the leading companies for waste management in Europe and operates in nine countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Serbia is among the new territories where is our company active, we would like to extend our services precisely because Serbia is one of the most important market in this part of Europe " - said Mr. Vokral and added that he wants to thank the partners who helped in the preparation and realization of this project and hope that the landfill will successfully serve municipalities Lapovo, Batočina, Despotovac, Velika Plana and Raca and that surrounding municipalities will join to this landfill. "With our landfills and other projects and services that our company provides in Serbia, we would like to contribute to the campaign of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning - "Očistimo Serbiju "- said at the end General Manager of .A.S.A. International.

After symbolic ribbon cutting ceremony all guests were able to assure high standards of tour of all landfill parts, where there were presented in detail ways of functioning and the stages of construction.

All .A.S.A. landfill fully meet the environmental requirements of the state and the European Union and at the same time are always a step ahead of landfill construction and facilities according to local needs and conditions (geological, hydro-geological, etc.). Construction of landfill in Lapovo started 2008th year. In less than a year, it was purchased 4 new trucks and over 2000 containers and a new workforce.

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