Solidarity at the FCC Group comes first

Solidarity at the FCC Group comes first

At FCC, we join the initiative sparked by citizens all around the world applauding the work of health staff and doctors as a sign of recognition and thanks for their care for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic in hospitals and homes across. Also worth praise is the commitment of society as a whole and many other professionals who, through their essential work and their tireless efforts, are collaborating in an exemplary way in the face of this health crisis.

FCC Environment: This applause goes for youAt FCC, we would also like to applaud the work performed by our colleagues who collect waste from the streets while we sleep and those who clean our cities' streets or take care of their gardens each and every day. What's more, the FCC Group is proud to applaud all those who make it possible for water to reach millions of homes, those who respond to significant breakdowns on time and those who are always on hand to help customers; and, as goes without saying, our Group would like to applaud employees who contribute to the construction of houses, bridges, tunnels, metro and railway lines, airports, etc. to improve the welfare of citizens, in addition workers who, whether from their normal workplaces or from home, are making a real difference in continuing to perform their duties.

At the FCC Group, we have faced a range of crises, difficult situations, dramatic accidents and shocking scenarios including terrorist attacks; however, we have also been complicit in great moments, adapting to the times and facing down major challenges; in all these instances, FCC,'s staff have participated thanks to their talent, efforts and perseverance, and it is with them that we would like to continue building the future of our company.

At these times of global uncertainty, we would like to make this small tribute to all FCC workers who contribute, each and every day, to improving the welfare of the people and the cities we live in.

Thank you all very much!

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