Together we can make a better world. … With Love for the Future! One for all, all for the hospital in Arad.

Together we can make a better world. … With Love for the Future!  One for all, all for the hospital in Arad.

Since the very beginning, we at FCC Environment CEE Group have been committed to supporting communities in the regions where we provide our services, always trying to help out wherever there is a need. We strive to contribute to positive daily changes that occur in both personal and professional life.

We would like to present a project that we are particularly proud of:

FCC Environment Romania has been supporting the work of the most prolific NGO in Arad and in the Western Region of Romania, “Cetatea Voluntarilor” (Arad Volunteer Fortress), in order to improve life for the citizens there.

The positive results of our collaboration with the team of volunteers from the ‘Arad Volunteer Fortress’ can be seen all over the region. This cooperation has been especially important at Arad County Clinical Hospital, where we have helped to improve conditions for the young and youngest patients, realising 7 amazing projects together until now.

The close ties that have developed between us at FCC Environment Romania and this particular NGO can perhaps be seen as more than coincidental, particularly when considering the symmetry of our respective mottos - "Service for The Future", and the NGO’s - “With love for the future” (Cu drag pentru viitor).

In October 2021, thanks to our support - the renovated “Pediatrics Rehabilitation Department 2” at the hospital was inaugurated. And, the latest project which we have initiated with the NGO, the “Children's Radiology Department”, is about to be completed too.

FCC Group management representatives from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia took the chance to visit the hospital and it’s newly renovated department during their working visit to Arad, in July of this year.

“We were very touched and impressed by the new conditions on the children's ward. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the support of our colleagues at FCC Environment Romania in their renovation projects of the different departments of Arad hospital. We hope this cooperation continues in the future and we would like to give our support to this worthy venture. It is heartening to see how much the renovations have improved the life quality of the young patients at the hospital, as well as the working conditions for the dedicated medical staff there too”, pointed out Lucia Kliková, the Head of Human Resources of the FCC Environment CEE Group.

Lucie Zumrová, the Head of Group Communication and CSR at FCC Environment CEE Group adds, “We are proud to be a part of these changes at Arad hospital. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but seeing the reality of the work here really grabs you by the heart.”

In these pictures, you can clearly see how conditions at Arad hospital are continuing to improve, thanks to the efforts of volunteers and cooperating partners.

The hospital’s renovation has not gone unnoticed by the officials of Arad City Council, with whom FCC representatives jointly inspected the progress of the reconstruction of the Pediatrics1 Department at the hospital. “Together, we will do our best to continue with more renovation works in the future”, noted the President of the Arad County Council, Mr. Iustin Cionca.

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