Visit .A.S.A. Collection Yard

Visit .A.S.A. Collection Yard

An .A.S.A. collection yard has opened its virtual gates! This new animation shows how material is delivered to us by our clients - individuals or companies, how it is treated and describes how it could be used later.

Waste is not usually considered to be something of much interest. For most people, throwing out our trash is the final step in the life cycle of goods and other products. At .A.S.A. we see it rather differently, we collect the waste and we treat it as a resource for a variety of other products. In cooperation with our partners and our customers, we give waste another chance - a new future! Around 2/3 of used clothes are re-distributed and re-used directly as clothing, other waste is sent through the recycling process enabling the creation of new materials from; glass, paper and plastics. Much of the metal, oil and electronic material can also be re-used.

Today, we handle more than half a million tons of secondary raw materials yearly within our .A.S.A. countries. The majority of these resources is accounted for by used paper, cartons and cardboard, followed by wood, metals, plastics, glass, used oil and solvents, as well as used clothes.

Visit .A.S.A. Collection Yard

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