Winter in the Carinthian Alps: Waste collection anytime, anywhere, in any conditions

Winter in the Carinthian Alps: Waste collection anytime, anywhere, in any conditions

Climbing up to 1,600 metres above sea level during winter, in the summer even higher, and at close to 2,000 metres you will find our customer - the Mountain Hotel Malta. This is the daily business of our colleagues in Carinthia, Austria.

Carinthia is our most hilly region. Snow cover can be expected from mid-November until the end of April and it’s snow-chain season for the wheels of our trucks - to climb hills with gradients of up to 18% they are an absolute necessity.

“The mountain known as the Katschberg has an average gradient of 12.3% over 5 km at the northern approach, 11.9% covering the 3 km to the south, and maximum gradients of 15% including very tight turns and curves and is extremely tough to drive during winter conditions. But the largest climb to be found is on the road from Gerlitze over Arriach, with a slope of 18%” explains Erich Stampfer, Logistic and Production Manager for the Carinthia Region.

Carinthia is FCC Environment's most substantial region in Austria - serving 163,200 inhabitants and our trucks have to drive almost 300 km a day through some truly extreme conditions.


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