.A.S.A. is STYLish

.A.S.A. is STYLish

.A.S.A. will be presented at the 42nd annual International Fashion Fair STYL in Brno, which takes place from 18 to 20 August this year.

It will be a partner of the staging area called “ECO POINT: Give textile a second chance” at this year’s International Fashion Fair STYL, located in Hall P at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

.A.S.A. will present here facts about recycling textile. This is about a service that .A.S.A. began offering last year in the Czech Republic. In this area, however, the .A.S.A. group has a lot of experience from Austria and Slovakia. We will show visitors, together with the organizer of the fair, Trade Fairs Brno, that clothes, even the absolute latest ones, will become ordinary waste after some time, and we can collect them and put them to further use.

Visitors to the fair themselves can give textile a second chance, for this area will also include, in addition to other attractions, a container for collecting old fabrics.

More information is available at: http://www.bvv.cz/styl-kabo/aktuality/eco-point-dejte-textilu-druhou-sanci/

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