We offer the remediation of 

  • Old municipal landfills
  • Industrial landfills and hazardous waste
  • Contaminated soil
  • Contaminated groundwater
  • Buildings and other technological complexes

Scope of services

  • Contamination survey
  • Project preparation
  • Risk assessment
  • Implementation of remediation

Why FCC Environment CEE ?

Friendly to the environment, we manage technologies for the reprocessing of waste for disposal (energy appreciation, secondary raw materials, certified reclamation, materials, etc.)

Certification: We are a holder of a series of important certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. All remediation procedures are in accordance with these norms.

Experience: Established in 1996, cooperation with companies specialized in hydrogeology, engineering geology, building founding, groundwater protection, mathematical simulation, special remediation technologies. Realized projects in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Austria

Technologies/methods: We use own proprietary technologies, meeting the parameters of BAT (best available technology). We speak about a variety of special techniques to maximize the resulting effect, some of which have been patented. Offering the best available and most modern technologies, as well as developing new ones, we are closely cooperated with universities and other private entities – Research & Development projects.

Bring life back to polluted sites

We are proud of the projects we have implemented. The remediation of an old environmental burden at the Milevsko wastewater treatment plant (CZ), the removal of contaminated soils and tar from a quarry in Slovakia or the remediation project of a former bituminous mix plant in Milevsko (CZ) are just examples of the results of our work. We are happy to bring life back to polluted sites.


Remediation gallery

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