Botanical garden maintenance

One of the activities performed by some FCC Environment CEE Group companies - that fewer people know about - is the maintenance of public greenery. It mainly involves highly professional services, including such specializations as the operation and maintenance of public places like; cemeteries, parks, and botanical gardens. 

Botanical gardens are great for the environment in several ways. They play a vital role in the conservation of plant species that are endangered as well as by the seed banks and they are also advantageous to the pollinators such as butterflies, bats, bees, and birds which play an essential role in crop production and the maintenance of the health of the planet life. 

Maintaining botanical gardens and other green public places mostly includes 

  • maintaining paths and roads
  • deciduous trees and conifers care such as; watering, planting, professional and protective pruning, and raking leaves 
  • planting, caring for flowers and flower beds, care of evergreens,  annual flowers, and flowering plants 
  • care of shrubs and fences
  • comprehensive inventories of trees and shrubs. These tree inventories are accurate records of trees and shrubs maintained by our company at the request of a city, which show; the age of trees, their current condition, information about the last curative pruning, etc. This way gradual maintenance can be planned at the same time for future periods. No less of an important part of our job is taking care of lawns and planting foliage.
  • grass mowing 
  • irrigation in the park area 


Botanical Garden in Prostějov, our showcase

In Prostějov (CZ) FCC manages the local botanical garden. The Botanical Garden of Prostějov was first opened in 1934 and you can find over 1,200 kinds of plants here. The garden occupies an area of one hectare. In early 2008, the Botanical Garden of Prostějov was admitted to the Union of Botanical Gardens Czech Republic.


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