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Perfect events need perfect services

If you organize an event, it doesn't matter whether it is a corporate event, concert, festival or for sports, then you will probably be aware of just how many things need to be managed in order to achieve the desired results. At the top of the list; participant satisfaction and of course, that WOW effect as well! You will also be aware that it is more often the seemingly trivial details that decide whether you are successful or crash and burn...

Trivia, such as; a clean area, sufficiency and tidiness of sanitary facilities, waste bins and their regular emptying - are just some of the many details, which are not always perceived and appreciated by the public when they run like clockwork, but will of course be criticized if and when something should go wrong….

Event Services for your successful Event!

Erzberg Rodeo and the FIS Ski World Cup in Semmering, Austria, the Historical Vintage Festival in Znojmo (CZ) or the Formula1 Hungarian Grand Prix. All these and many more have already been successfully serviced by us for many years.

FCC Environment CEE as a proved expert on citizen services and complex waste management systems at international offers to organizers of any type of event  custom solutions for single, as well as multi-day events, tailor-made to your demands and requirements.

Each event is unique and tasks of the organizers as regards waste management and disposal vary. We are happy to take on the challenge and make sure your event will be a resounding success. Our aim is full satisfaction; of you and your customers and partners as well!

Our services among others include:

  • Pre-event consultation and hands-on support during your eventSchwarzelsee festival, Austria
  • Provision of containers and bins for waste disposal
  • Continuous exchange of containers and bins including transport and management of collected waste
  • Cleaning of the event space before, during and after the event
  • Fast final cleaning of affected area, roads and walkways
  • 24 hour service in any weather conditions
  • Staffing: provision of security personnel
  • Provision and disposal of mobile sanitary facilities including mobile rent toilets

All above mentioned services and even more can be arranged to provide your specific needs are met.

Together with you, we make the perfect solution according to your specifications!

Contact us now and we gladly support you in developing and organizing the perfect event.

FCC Environment CEE Event Services - guarantee of an event high in spirits, smooth in operation!


Our references (few among many):

  • Sport events and music festivals
  • Social events and city festivals
  • Schwarzlsee 2015 

Are you interested in learning more?

Just contact us:

DI (FH) Bernhard Konschegg 
Customer service 

Auer- Welsbach-Gasse 25 
8055 Graz-Puntigam

Tel. +43/316/ 29 27 91 3116 
Mobil. +43/664/814 95 55 
E-Mail. bernhard.konschegg@fcc-group.at 

Our services in action

Wondering what our event services can look like in real life? Check out the video we shot at the Lake Festival Schwarzelsee (AT) . You can see that our colleagues are doing a great job. In no time at all, you can't tell that a concert has taken place and everything is cleaned up to the last paper.


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