FCC Environment CEE offers complete parking solutions for municipalities in Central and Eastern Europe.  

Quality of life

All developed cities have experienced or are experiencing substantial increase in car ownership, leading to a rapid increase in private mobility. The immediate consequence is a fall in citizens' quality of life: traffic congestion on certain routes, excess demand for parking spaces, use of roadways not suitable for private vehicle traffic, pollution, accidents, etc.  

Benefits of complex parking management  

Parking Meter, ZnojmoImproving management of parking facilities allows us to gain surface area for other more socially beneficial uses. There are even more advantages – making up for the lack of residential parking in established urban areas, providing, if necessary, modal interchange points on the city outskirts, encouraging business activities, services and the use of public transport through the regulation of parking in city centers, guaranteeing supply delivery through the management of loading and unloading, and discouraging car use through management of the available parking and dissuasive measures to prevent illegal parking, such as the use of tow trucks and wheel clamps.

We offer:

On-street parking
Off-street parking
Tow-truck service
Parking studies 

Our solution for on-street parking makes it possible to:

Decrease level of traffic

Vehicles do not drive around too long to find place for parking

Increase safety of traffic

Decreasing number of illegally parking cars decreases a chance for traffic accidents for example in vicinity of pedestrian crossings

Use existing parking spaces at maximum

Shortening the rotation time will guarantee that the place will be used by more cars in one day

Support public transport

Drivers who park the car in long term parkings at the edge of the center will use public transport to get into the center

Support services and shops in the center

Higher rotation of vehicles means higher amount of customers in the city

Free municipal police from low qualified jobs

Using our own controllers we take over part of the duties

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