Street maintenance

Street Cleaning and Maintenance

External cleaning services for streets, paths, parking lots

More than 30 years of experience have taught us in FCC Environment CEE Group what factors most impact a community’s quality of life, and what the 6 million people in our region we serve require to enjoy their towns and cities.  Those lessons also motivate us to invest in the development of the best solutions to improve the living conditions in towns and cities by providing a wide range of municipal services to keep the streets cleaner and cities greener without any ecological burden or danger for the future.

Strong FCC fleet

A fleet of street washing vehicles, street sweepers, snow plows, and a swift team of our colleagues guarantee clean streets in every season and any weather conditions. Whether on busy city streets, in quiet residential areas, in parks, or parking areas, our service not only ensures cleanliness and order but also increases the well-being and satisfaction of citizens.

One of our visible results: 3,064 km of streets are cleaned every year.

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