Waste-to-Energy plant Zistersdorf

The Waste-to-Energy plant Zistersdorf has been the first thermal treatment plant in the FCC Environment CEE Group. It was designed and constructed in the years 2006-2009 and started its operation in 2009. The plant is certified as R1/R13 thermal recovery plant according to EU-guidelines.

The entire process in Zistersdorf is designed to generate electricity from communal and commercial wastes. The treatment process follows a controlled combustion and a highly developed emission control.  Unfortunately, no usable energy in the form of heat is extracted in Zistersdorf as there were no suitable heat off-takers.
Waste-to-Energy plant Zistersdorf

The facility

The waste to energy facility is situated in a clay pit of a former brick factory. Due to its good location on the eastern outskirts of Zistersdorf, with a direct connection to the railway line (up to 70% of waste delivered by train) and a national road, the property was ideally suited for industrial settlement.

The bunker has a storage capacity of approximately 7.300 m³, which equals the amount of waste of one week.

The facility
Take a look at our leaflet about Zistersdorf plant

Facts & Figures

  • treating

    ~153,000 tons

    of waste p.a.

  • achieving more than


    operating hours p.a.

  • producing more than


    MWh electricity p.a. = energy supply for 30,000 households

  • substituting


    Mil litres of oil p.a.

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