What is the waste solidification (stabilisation) ?

By mixing hazardous wastes with further additives - mainly lime (as hydraulic binding agent), supplemented by further additives like fly ash, product of desulphurising (REA product) and cement - solidification reduces the mobility of hazardous substances and contaminants in the environment through both physical and chemical characteristics. The process can be used to treat pasty, solid or powdery waste and transform it into solid material. Waste can then be moved on for disposal or landfilling.

Our solidification plants

Czech Republic
  • Lodín
  • Quail
  • Zohor

Our references  

  • Aircraft Industries, a.s. - III. stage; Czech Republic
  • PARAMO, a.s. Pardubice - locations Kolín, Zdechovice, Pardubice, Časy; Czech Republic
  • Jihočeské dřevařské závody Soběslav, a.s.; Czech Republic
  • REKKA s.r.o. České Budějovice; Czech Republic
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