Safe Disposal and Landfilling - FCC Environment CEE

Safe Landfills as a base for a Modern Waste Management System 1 st Constructing a safe landfill according to EU – Standards We design, construct and operate safe landfills. Essential environmental safety is secured through a multi-barrier-concept: • Detection of a suitable location • Installation of a bottom sealing • Strict controls of incoming waste • Experienced operation • Carrying out re-cultivation and aftercare 2 st Start of waste collection and environmental awareness raising campaigns Servicing population and institutions are carried out with proper equipment for all kinds of waste. Our environmental awareness raising campaigns are focused on children primarily. 3 st Implementation of separate collection Separate collection is implemented in order to improve waste management and its further processing. 4 st Sorting, recycling and composting of waste First treatment measures are sorting and recycling as well as composting of waste. 5 st Treatment of waste (mechanical- biological treatment, incineration,…) Implementation of further treatment, such as mechanical-biological, incineration and RDF-production depends on needs and requirements based on countries' legislation and feasibility. We are experienced with all kinds of treatment processes. Implementation of a Modern Waste Management System Waste management centres are a basis for a comprehensive waste management system. Its building-up is a step-by-step procedure and depending on local requirements and feasibility. We are ambitious to protect environment from the very beginning. Steps in FCC Environment CEE Waste Management System II. Collection III. Implementation of Separate Collection IV. Composting, Sorting and Recycling of Waste V. Treatment of Waste (MBA, Incineration) I. Safe Landfills according to EU - Standards 1 st step 5 st step 4 st step 3 st step 2 st step Environmental Awareness of Population 2