Plant Zistersdorf - FCC Environment CEE

Historical milestones 94/95 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 1995 Submission of EIA documents 1997 Official hearing with authorities 1999 First instance permit 2001 Second instance permit 2004 Final approval 2007 Start of the construction 2008 Pressure test of the boiler 2009 First incineration Combustion equivalent 57 MW Waste categories Domestic and equival. industrial waste Waste capacity 162,500 tpa Calorific value of waste 10.5 MJ/kg Power supply 106,000 MWh/a Slag 45,000 tpa Ash 7,000 tpa Operation time per year 8,300 hours Investment about 90 Mio. € Technical specifications About the company FCC Environment CEE, formerly .A.S.A. Group, was founded in Austria in 1988 and has become one of Europe’s leading companies in the waste management industry. The majority owner is the leading Spanish infrastructure and environmental services company FCC ( ) . A workforce of almost 4,000 employees provide a wide range of services using our know-how especially in the following areas: From waste to resources We collect and treat municipal waste from more than 4.3 million residents and 5.1 million tons of commercial and industrial waste from more than 51,600 municipal, industrial and commercial customers in 7 countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe. We treat waste as a resource . From the moment it is collected by our trucks, all waste enters an integrated waste management system utilizing state-of-the-art recycling and recovery technologies. Waste-to-energy is the final level of any comprehensive waste management system. Using our facilities, we are able to recover energy from residual and commercial waste as prescribed by EU regulations. A further part of the system is the treatment of biodegradable materials and the processing of separated secondary raw materials with the aim to save natural resources. Waste Processing & Resource Recovery WASTE-TO- ENERGY Plant Zistersdorf FCC Austria Abfall Service AG A-2325 Himberg, Hans-Hruschka-Gasse 9 Tel. +43 2235855-0, Fax +43 2235855-2028 Email