Winter Maintenance Services

As the winter season approaches, FCC is prepared to provide comprehensive winter maintenance services to keep your roads, public spaces, and traffic greenery safe and passable. Our experienced team and extensive fleet of specialized equipment are dedicated to minimizing the disruptions caused by snow and ice, ensuring that your community remains connected and accessible throughout the winter months.

Our Comprehensive Winter Maintenance Services Include:

  • Preventive Services: In anticipation of snowfall events, we proactively apply de-icing materials to roads and walkways to prevent the formation of hazardous ice patches.
  • Liquidation Services: During snowfall, our team promptly mobilizes to clear roads and public spaces using a combination of plowing, salting, and sanding techniques.
  • Mechanical and Manual Maintenance: We employ a combination of mechanical equipment and skilled manual labor to maintain roads, sidewalks, and public spaces, ensuring their safety and accessibility.
  • Snow Loading and Removal: We efficiently remove accumulated snow from designated areas, preventing it from hindering traffic and pedestrian access.
  • Ice Removal: We promptly address icy conditions, applying de-icing materials and clearing ice patches to maintain safe access for pedestrians and vehicles.

Our Commitment to Winter Readiness:

  • Extensive Storage: We maintain ample stockpiles of de-icing materials, including salt, sand, and gravel, to ensure a continuous supply throughout the winter season.
  • Specialized Fleet: Our fleet comprises large road spreaders for major roadways, smaller Multicar spreaders for sidewalks, cycle paths, and secondary roads, and pavement specials for specialized tasks.
  • Supporting Equipment: We also utilize a range of supporting equipment, including tractors, loaders, tippers, trucks, and two four-wheelers for maintaining sidewalks in the city center and squares.
  • Dedicated Dispatch Team: A team of dispatchers is on call 24/7 from November 1st to March 31st to monitor weather conditions and coordinate our winter maintenance operations promptly.

Your Trusted Partner for Winter Maintenance:

FCC is committed to providing reliable and effective winter maintenance services to keep your community safe and connected throughout the winter season. Our expertise, resources, and dedication ensure that your roads, public spaces, and traffic greenery remain accessible and well-maintained, even in the harshest winter conditions.

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